Pool Installation

Quality Pembroke Pines Pool Installations

Having a new pool installed into your yard means that you are making the highest quality installation to your home that you possibly can. Nothing gives a luxe look to a property more than a custom-built pool, that has been made to the highest standard. And, when you get in contact with our team for the installation of your new swimming pool, that is just what you can expect. We deliver the very best in residential pools, making use of premium materials and bespoke design. So, if you want to make the great addition of a pool to your home and you have a clear idea of what that might look like, then we are the team for you. Give us a call and let us know your preferences and we would be able to come and bring you your new pool this summer.

Custom Design
When you decide to have your very own pool installed onto your property, you want to make sure that it lives up to all of your needs and expectations. You want to strike up the right aesthetic with the rest of your home, just as much as you want to make it simple and comfortable for you and your family to use. So, to make sure you can check off every one of our preferences, you’ll be pleased to hear that we custom design every single one of our pool installations. We want each one to be uniquely perfect for every one of our clients and we would be glad to do just the same for you, too.

Excavation and Concreting
Whatever design you decide on, we’ll always have to begin developing it through earthmoving and excavation. Using our professional-grade equipment, we’ll carve out the exact shape into the ground and prepare a site around it, to install the rest of the product. Then, we can cover the entire surface, both beneath the ground and above it, in a solid concrete layer. That will allow us to install the pool plaster over the top, as well as a patio or a decking at ground level.


Pool Surface
Once the concrete has been installed, you are going to want to find the perfect pool surface to go over this. You want something that looks good and feels comfortable, as well as something that can stand up to the wearing of the chlorine water. Our team has a range of options and we can include our resistant pool plaster with either glass, stone, ceramic, or quartz tiling.

Filtration System
Perhaps the most important part of any long-term pool installation is the water filtration system. If you want to keep yours working in a smooth, safe, and sanitary condition, then you simply cannot be skipping on quality with your filtration system. At Pool Builders Pembroke Pines, we only make use of the highest quality systems available at the time and we would be glad to offer this to you, to ensure that your pool continues to work at its best for the longest time.